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  Center For Outside The Box Inspiring & Hilarious Sustainable       Inventions, Inventors, Manufacturers & Designers!

WRP Diana, the WHIMSYUM founder, & many core regular participants in our free community programs, have unusual inspiring & hilarious sustainable project designs & ideas to gift to manufacturers, designers, etc --who are regular attendees at gatherings, & genuine supporters of The WHIMSYUM & it's focuses/vision.

These products are all things greatly desired by the individuals & communities connected locally & globally by The WHIMSYUM, & which many of us will post links on our sites to your company if you make them:   Provided that the originators are credited on the product, & in some cases when very large profits are gained, --we'll request (not by contract or us monitoring you --but by the informal system of friendship & honor that exists in true gift economies :),  --that a small % of the profits be gifted annually to outside the box, inspiring &/or hilarious sustainable organizations or individuals/projects --which will be listed soon on our page; Or to any of our fundraisers [of which only a small amount are listed right now on that page]).
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